What is Glimpse?

Glimpse is a better search engine for live streams.

Glimpse draws from both Youtube Live and Twitch, giving you access to a unified streaming portal.

Glimpse also employs its own search engine for Twitch, letting you find content without digging through tags, categories, and completely unrelated streams.


My search page is empty!

Because Glimpse has to scrape Twitch and Youtube to find you content independently of those services' search algorithms, it may sometimes fall prey to temporary CORS blocks.

If that didn't make sense to you, just know that either switching to a different browser, turning on Incognito mode, or refreshing a few times should fix the issue.

Is Glimpse free?

Glimpse is 100% free (and open source!). This is possible because we have no servers. Everything runs locally, on your computer. That also means no data mining and no privacy concerns.

Is Glimpse a livestreaming service?

No. Glimpse is basically a search engine for live streams. It only searches Twitch and Youtube - you can't stream on Glimpse itself.